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Garage Door Opener Repairs and Installations About :

When it comes to Garage Door Openers we offer a number of services! First we diagnose your opener and find the cause of the issue your experiencing. Our company offers a multitude of repairs, and our guys are highly qualified with years of experince. We give you the options and prices to make a reasonable decision on your repair or possible replacement. We work with the best brands ranging in a variety of models to meet your needs. Contact us today, for more info.!

What kind of repairs do we offer?

  • Gear and Sprocket Assembly
  • Belt or Chain replacement
  • Repairs and Replacements on Remotes, Outside Key Pads, and Wall-buttons
  • Computer Board Replacement
  • Scrambled Board Repair
  • Faulty Limit Switches
  • Sensors Alignments
  • Sensor Replacement
  • Force and Limit Adjustments
  • Resetting of the complete motor
  • And More….

What Are The Benefits of Having a Motor?

  • Convenience is obviously a first, with new MyQ phone apps, remotes, wall buttons, keypads…access to your door could be a real breeze with a new opener. Plus, if your an Amazon Prime member, our openers MyQ system can pair with Amazon Key, leaving your packages safely in your garage rather then outside!
  • Peace of Mind, with just the click of button, keep your belongings safe and secure
  • Maintenance, Garage Door Openers really don’t require a lot of maintenance
  • Low Energy, garage door opener motors don’t require much power
  • Safety, with features like sensors and force limits, you wont have to worry about someone important to you having the door come down on them

What Brand do You Guys Recommend?


We at The Garage Door Guys will install a variety of garage door openers, but we’re going to be honest with you and tell you what we think is best. LiftMaster is the most reliable brand, also building Chamberlain and Craftsman openers with a repurposed assembly rail. We prefer quality over all things because we want our work to last and for our customers to be satisfied. With years of experience, you’ll get a professional job done for a more the reasonable price! Call Today!

LiftMaster has always been our favorite brand of opener. We’ve installed them for years and they never fail to impress. Warranty is easy to deal with in the rare case you have to use it, unlike companies like Genie who have vastly gone down hill in the last 10 or so years. We’ve heard nothing but good feedback from these openers. Without a doubt as someone who has worked as a garage door technician for quiet awhile, I can promise, there isn’t a more reliable or durable brand out there. We also install Chamberlain and Craftsman for those in search of buying their own opener. LiftMaster helps build these openers as well and are as good as openers as you can get, in store. LiftMaster is just a little bit better though and can only be purchased threw a distributor. We often recommend you go with the LiftMaster, but the other two are great options as well!!

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