Struts and Broken Bent Panels

Have you ever locked your door manually, forgetting you had, and unfortunately been reminded by the opener when it pulled your door back and kinked the middle? Possibly had a slipped cable and hit your opener button, causing a crooked and bent door? Ever brought the door down or up, colliding with something causing damage to the door? At The Garage Door Guys we have seen a variety of accidents caused by variety of factors. It’s not the end of the world though. Check out a quick demonstration of such a scenarios below!

On this garage door repair job, our customer had experienced a particular accident with their door. This caused bowing of the previous struts and panels, broken hinges and stiles. Luckily there were no major tears in the panel. Our customer on this job was quoted 1200 dollars for a new door by a few companies. Our company didn’t even charge 1/3 of that for the necessary repairs. We pride ourselves in the fact that we’re able to make money by saving people money, with a job well done!

What are Struts?

Struts are metal shaped U style bars specifically designed to horizontally attach to the garage door’s panel stiles. This reinforces the garage door be restricting any unwanted flexibility between the stiles of the door. The repair often makes the panel more durable then it was new, and saves people hundreds of dollars and hours of time and planning. This is often one of our favorite repairs to perform. It allows us to make a profit and save our customers tons of money with a quality repair. No one wants an accident to happen, but if it does, contact someone with the experience to handle the repair the right way. We use the proper hardware, not some junk we put together at the local hardware store. We know what works and we’ve seen others guess works….. it’s not pretty. So go with the professions in residential garage door repair, The Garage Door Guys!

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