Garage Door Rollers

The Garage Doors Guys are experts in all matters when it comes to servicing your residential garage door. Its why we take the time to do a thorough diagnosis to any and all problems, ESPECIALLY the little stuff. For some door guys this is where inexperience will fail you, because a lot of these small repairs can be mistaken for bigger, more costly repairs that don’t actually solve the main issue. One of these issues can be your wheels, also known in the field as your garage door rollers. For example, when a metal roller head breaks, it can often go unnoticed by the untrained eye. The door will feel hard to lift and be diagnosed as bad torsion springs costing you a few hundred dollars, when in fact its a jammed garage door roller getting caught in the door tracks due to a broken head. A simple repair you can get away with for a fraction of the price. Its why we say, trust the professionals in garage door service (Repair & Installations) Trust The Garage Door Guys!!!!

Types of Garage Door Rollers

Nylon Rollers -(standard) tend to be the cheapest roller/wheel that can be placed on a garage door. Quiet but often stiffens up over the course of a few years to points that the door can become increasingly difficult to raise.

Metal Rollers – (standard) often more durable then nylon rollers. Are not as quiet when new and also get noisier as they age, often developing a rattle and grinding noise. Head of roller can seperate from stem completely over course of use.

Tire n’ Ball Rollers – If you have these in your door, and they arent old (due for a change) your in good shape. These rollers are much more durable, smoother, and quitter then the other two standard type. We however offer something that goes one step further then most!

Just arrived : The Sealed Roller!

At the Garage Door Guys we thrive on expert customer service and so we want you to have the best parts available. Your not going to pay some crazy premium price. To us, this is the standard roller we install. With ball bearings and a rubber outter coat, you get all the durability of a Tire n Ball roller, but with a tightly placed seal around the outter edge to prevent any oil or debris from building inside the bearings and ruining the roller. This increases the longevity of the roller, provides for the smoothest life for years to come and gives you peace of mind when you hear how quiet your door will begin to lift.

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