Torsion Springs Replacement/Repair

About Garage Door Torsion Springs

The Garage Door Guys highly advises you hire a professional for your Torsion Spring Replacement. We’ve heard one to many stories of someone trying this job themselves and things not ending so well for them. Its honestly just about safety, if you haven’t had the proper training, its a bad idea. This job can be very dangerous, so please, even if you don’t go with us, hire a professional!

To give you a quick understanding of what we do, we provided you with a demo video of the owner himself, performing a residential garage door torsion springs and roller set replacement. See the difference our work makes, get a view at an actual job being performed so you know your getting a real service!

Should I Go With One or Two Springs?

A lot of people have a garage door with only one spring on it and wonder whether they should upgrade to two springs. The problem with having a larger wire size on a single-spring door is that the spring pulls on the shaft as the door opens and closes. This can cause serious problems in the future, including cables breaking or peeling off the drums and steel sections getting damaged.

Should I replace both Springs?

If you have two torsion springs on your door, you should replace both of them. Most doors have springs with the same cycle life rating. In other words, when one spring breaks, the other spring will probably break before too much longer. This will save you time and money!

What are High Cycle Springs?

The cycle life of a torsion spring refers to the rating regarding how many cycles (the door opening and closing is one cycle) the spring should make before it breaks. The cycle life rating does not account for premature breakage, often caused by chips in the steel or highly corrosive environments. The standard cycle life in the garage door industry is 10,000 cycles. Above that is considered High Cycle for many companies, but some companies will do that with springs that are only rated at 15,000 cycles. We offer you straight forward ranges from 30,000-65,000 cycles at varying but fair prices so you can decide whats best for you!

So Why Go with The Garage Door Guys?

We are a qualified company capable of completing this job safely and ACCURATELY. Installing the correct springs are the most important part of the job to us. We’ve witnessed scenarios of garage doors springing off the ground and getting loose up top from overly sized springs, and springs that have broken far too early due to the installer putting in springs far to weak. Some people want to use only whats on the truck rather then making the trip. That’s where we stand-out, we will personally calibrate your door with a selection of torsion springs that vary in cycles to fit your exact needs and demonstrate proper functionality before payment! Trust the professionals in garage door repairs, Trust The Garage Door Guys!

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