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The Garage Door Rebuild!

Our Most Popular Service

When repairing your door, cost can add up often to quickly for parts and labor. Just when you think you fixed one thing, then comes another. We’ve been there before and we’re sure you have too. That’s why at the garage door guys we offer an amazing service. for a discounted bundle price, we will provide a new set of springs, rollers, and a support strut. Additionally we will replace all cracked hinged and miscellaneous parts we find on the garage door (excluding the opener system)! call Now to set up an appointment!

Is This Service Right For Me?

We suggest this repair when we see multiple repairs needed to be met. This bundle repair takes care of all the mechanical features of the garage door, but excludes additional cost for motor parts (however we will make adjustments and minor fixes additionally at no cost, as long as no extra part for the motor is required). If its been anywhere near 10 years or more we suggest this service more often then others because truly, its usually needed and we can do it for a HUGE discount compared to our competitors. Our customers love the their doors sound and function like new at the fraction of the cost of a new door!

What will I get out this repair?

You Automatically Receive a New Set of Springs :

We offer two different packages on our Garage Door Rebuild :

  • Garage Door Rebuild – *Standard Spring (15k cycle) This covers all mechanical features, including standard 15k cycle springs. Cycles are basically lifts up and down. We recommend on homes you do NOT plan on staying in for year to come.
  • Garage Door Rebuild – *High Cycle Spring (60k on standard 16×7)* This package is exactly the same, except the springs will last right about 4x as long. This is an amazing deal! We recommend this on more permanent type homes.

Tire n’ Ball Rollers :

We don’t use regular old store bought rollers, we use quality materials bought directly from our distributor! You wont find these at your local hardware store. Our rollers are made from steel, include ball bearings and a outer rubber seal, for smooth and quiet functionality!

Additional Support Strut! :

We also provide an additional support that we place either on the third section (where its often most needed) or at the weakest point of the door. This prevents sagging and bowing when the door enters the up position. Its also important raising and lowering the door as it passes threw the track radius! A support strut attaches the styles of the door strengthening the panel for a smoother and more durable lift.

Miscellaneous Parts:

This is the extra cost that often gets people that I provide as part of our Garage Door Rebuild Service! When you go with this bundled service, these included parts you see that I provide at no extra cost can get up hundreds with the other guys! 20 bucks here, 30 bucks there….. is usually how they tack it on. DONT itemize, bundle!!! Call around to verify cost, Call Now to set up an appointment!

Prices vary depending on size and weight of door

*Call for quote Today!* *(281) 519 9567*

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